Monday, July 11, 2005


Bobby Abreu wins the Home Run Derby. But you know what's really wierd about that matchup? They didn't get the big sluggers of the league, instead they did some kind "UN of baseball" and select one representative from each nation. Is this a prelude to the World Baseball Classic? I thought it was supposed to be called the World Cup of Baseball.

Isn't David Ortiz a US Citizen? Why is he representing the DR? Wierd.

I thought Andruw Jones is from Venezuela, not the Netherlands. I guess the ability of speaking Dutch makes you qualified to be a representative. Wierd.

I have excellent German diction. Maybe I can represent Germany next year.

Where's the rep from Japan?

Why does Puerto Rico get it's own guy, last I heard Puerto Rico wasn't it's own country but instead is a territory of the United States. But I shouldn't bitch about this. Hong Kong used to send their own athletes to the olympics separate from the rest of the British Empire and I believe the arrangement remains with China.

But do you know what's really wierd?

I just bought the defeinite version of West Side Story conducted by Bernstein. This the way Bernstein wanted the show to have been done. This is the version that is done like an opera, they even hired big names in opera like Kiri Te Kanawa and Jose Carreras (you know, the other other one of the Three Tenors). Hopefully you know my stance on opera singers singing musical theatre (I hate it) but it kinda works due to the high tessitura of a few numbers.

I should be kringing, but instead, I'm a bit ambivilent. Wierd.


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