Sunday, July 24, 2005

What? Wild Card?

OAK 8, TEX 3

When the A's began their resurgence at the beginning of June I wrote many comments on this blog to the effects of, "Look, let's slow down, don't think playoffs until the A's are back in second place." Soon after the A's have reclaimed second place, the playoffs are a distinct possibility. Today, after the victory against Texas the A's are tied with the Twins for the AL Wild Card.

Before the game today over at EiO Zachary Manprin said:
The A's go for the rare 4 game sweep with Rich Harden taking the mound.

Just don't expect a shutout.
You know, allowing three runs in Texas is like a shutout. Having a second left handed option in the bullpen besides Rincon has been gret for the A's and it's fans. My rate of hair loss has slowed down considerably now that Rincon is not put in in all of the wrong situations by Macha. Not that I'm saying Rincon's garbage, I think he's an excellent pitcher, as long as he's not overused and not used against righties. I might yet still have a full head of hair when I turn 30.

I used to listen to Extra Innings with Robert Buan on a regular basis after games, and I used to call in from time to time. But I don't do that anymore, sometimes the opinions expressed on that show are just slightly misinformed. There's people calling in to advocate a trade for Mike Sweeney as DH.

That's not cool, although Sweeney is a talented player, he is a big injury risk and unless if the Royals wan to send alot of cash with him to Oakland, he's going to be too expensive. Look, if it ain't broke, then don't try to fix it. The A's, with a few minor tweaks, have gone on an insane tear. Payton and the bullpen acquisitions are enough, we don't need to make trades for the sake of making trades. That's just bad baseball practice and that's why some teams are mired in mediocrity.

I don't like to make bold predictions but here goes; if the A's make it to the playoffs, then this will be the year. You know, the year the A's finally make it past the ALDS.


At 6:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of cause we will make play-off. When we believe in something, it will be at soon..


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