Thursday, July 07, 2005

Trade Kotsay?

OAK 2, TOR 4

I big reason why I don't want to see Kotsay traded is because has defense. If he leaves who's going to take his spot in center? Thomas? Byrnes? I can tell you don't want Byrnes as an everyday CF and a good resaon for that is today:
Harden's sporadic performance was almost saved a batter before Wells took him deep.

With two outs in the fifth, Toronto's Frank Catalanotto sliced a pop-fly to shallow left field and Eric Brynes attempted a dive, but came up just short and Catalanotto wound up with a double.

-Jordan Bastian,
Look, I'm not a Byrnes hater but it's obvious that his defense is sub-par due to his many bad reads and a horrible arm. He has a propensity to dive for too many balls and if things go wrong and nobody's there to back you up...

Byrnes can be a backup CF, used when Kotsay's hurt or needs a rest, but to be an everyday starter in that position? Hell no.

Let's hope the A's road funk ends before long.


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