Monday, July 25, 2005

State of Disbelief

CLE 4, OAK 13

If this score is hard to believe, let me state a few things I thought would be impossible a few short weeks ago. As of right now the A's are:
  • in sole possession of the top spot of the Wild Card standings
  • have three everyday starters in the lineup with an AVG of over .300
  • have the third best record in the American League
  • only five games back of the division leading Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Is this for real? Can the A's remain playing at this level? Is the AL West still in reach? In May I knew the A's weren't as bad as they are playing. But after watching a month of some of the most wretched baseball I have ever seen, I find this really hard to believe. It is said that what goes up must come down. In the inverse also true? After watching the A's I guess I would have to say, yes.

It is reported that the walk up crowd for tonight's game was 9,000+. The locals are noticing this. There's just a certain amount of excitement around in A's fandom. This is feeling reminiscent of "The Streak," something special is happening in Oakland right now.


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