Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Shades of Willie Mays!"

OAK 0, TOR 8

Does anybody remember that? It was from either the last year they did Triple Play Baseball, or the first year they did MVP Baseball.

This game sure brought back some not so fond memories of May. Especially on a situation where Ellis grounded into a DP with the bases loaded. The A's didn't really have a problem with getting people on base today, they just had a problem driving them in for runs.

Chavez was an o-fer today, his o-fers usually coincide with an A's loss, it's a rare day when he fails to get a hit and the A's win anyways. This game was just a montage of unkind flashbacks of May. And like the month of May, this was a shutout.

I had a funny feeling that the A's were going to lose today. I felt that they burned through some karma for a win yesterday. I'm not worrying much, Harden's up tomorrow.

Let's go for the series win.


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