Tuesday, July 26, 2005

O me of little faith

CLE 2, OAK 0

Over at Athletics Nation, there's a "guess the outcome" game in which I'm a regular participant. The point of the game is to guess the outcome of the series as far as the questions offered are concerned.

I guessed the A's would win the series two games out of three. Personally, I knew the A's would drop this game. What I didn't guess correctly was how the A's would lose. I thought Blanton would allow just enough runs for the A's to lost and I was thinking of a final score of more like 5-3 Cleveland.

I did not expect a pitchers' duel and I didn't expect Blanton going seven innings of one run ball. I also didn't expect a shutout.

Yes, I didn't belive Blanton can pitch this well. I thought the league has figured him out again. I doubted Blanton.

Although it was a loss, it was a good an exciting game. Listening in on the radio the crowd seemed much larger than the 18,000 that was reported, it was loud. The game was exiting until the very end when a Chavez pop-up ended the game anti-climactically with two runners left on base.

It seems that the A's forgot to save some runs for today when they were tearing apart the Indians' pitching. Tomorrow is a new day and we'll see if making Root Beer Floats pre-game will have an adverse affect on the players.


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