Tuesday, July 19, 2005


OAK 3, LAA 1

Today, Jason Kendall actually threw a potential base-stealer out at second. Can you believe that?
CS: Kennedy (3, 2nd base by Harden/Kendall).
Harden also continued his dominance today going 8.2 innings and allowing only one run in the ninth. Huston Street came in for a one out save opportunity. After seeing this guy in for 4-5 outs plus, it feels a bit wierd and yet comforting to see him have a one out appearance.

I'm sorry for not posting yesterday. It's tech week for Romeo and Juliet and I was working till late adjusting cues and when I got home I was dead tired and the blogging mojo wasn't with me. If you're in the Bay Area, check out Romeo and Juliet at Cal State Hayward East Bay. Not only do I play Friar Lawrence, I'm also the sound designer, and I do believe my design is awesome.

Back to the A's; in other news, DH Eurbiel Durazo is out for the year with Tommy John Surgery.

Tommy John, a DH? Durazo's not even an everyday position player. And what did he do to blow out his elbow? Mysteries abound. Every time I hear of a non-pitcher getting Tommy John I think of the time when Jose Canseco was allowed to pitch an inning in relief (I don't know what kind of drugs Tony LaRussa was on) and he proceeded to blow out his elbow on the first pitch, necessitating Tommy John.

When Durazo first came from Arizona, there were complaints abound that Durazo was too easily injured. I guess those complaints have some weight attached to them. I still don't understand how he could hurt his elbow like that. Some have postulated that his elbow has been hurt since Spring Training, which would explain his poor numbers this year. But could practice throws really blow out somebody's elbow like that?


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