Friday, July 08, 2005

Jared (son of Carney) Lansford signs with the A's

So I guess he isn't going to Santa Clara to continue his Catholic education after all.

Hmmm...So a former starting pitcher represents the son of the third baseman from the same team in negotiations with the fifth outfielder of the same team because the son got drafted, by the same team. Observation courtesy of a poster at Athletics Nation.

Wierd, isn't it.

One tends to forget that Beane was on that 1989 A's team.

I am psyched. I honestly think Lansford has a shot to pitch in the bigs. His mechanics are so fluid and easy, he's hitting low to mid 90's, and he has pretty good control (from what I can tell, I'm no expert on pitching prospects). When I think of the other HS pitcher the A's drafed, Craig Italiano, "Nuke LaLoosh" comes to mind. Heat, lots of it, can be wild.


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