Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It's official...

OAK 10, TOR 7 11 innings

The A's are no longer a bunch of losers. However, the A's aren't a bunch of winners either, they're a .500 team now. With today's extra innings victory over the Blue Jays, the A's have made a triumphant return to .500. I never knew I could be so happy seeing the A's at .500.

Today was also another rarity, a slugfest. In this season the vast majority of A's victories were either close games or blowouts, it's rare to see the A's allow seven runs and still win.

Bobby Crosby, you are the man. Crosby just has that extra something, and that extra something is a big part of the A's resurgence, in my opinion. As long as he doesn't get himself or another teammate hurt anytime soon, it's all good. Crosby is a guy who refuses to lose. I remember after the A's were eliminated from playoff contention last year, he was visibly pissed. You could have seen that from the telecast. He as an intensity and fire I deeply respect. I believe that he has the same kind of fire in baseball as I have in music. I hope my career in music can be as sucessful as his in baseball.

Mr. Macha, why did you put in Street for a five out save? Roman's going to have a field day on this. You could have put in Yabu or even Duke (you know, the All-Star) in the eighth. I have serious concerns that Street's arm is being abused. Just because this guy once pitched eight innings of relief for the Longhorns doesn't mean you can trot him out for multiple innings. I know there was a botched DP in the ninth, but I think having Street coming in fresh in the ninth could have made things different.

Well, at least the A's won despite the blown save and the botched DP, unlike in Seattle.


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