Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's a great day to be an A's fan...

OAK 10, CWS 1


The A's won in a convincingly over the White Sox and once again prove to be Mark Buehrle's kryptonite.

Jason Kendall actually hit a ball to the warning track! Warning track power!

The A's are back to .500 and just 4.5 games behind the Twins for the WC (not that I'm counting these things).

The M's beat the Angels and the gap between the A's and the Halos narrow by one more game.

But most importantly:


If this was back in the Schott/Hoffman era, Kotsay would have been traded or been let go somehow, like a Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi or Miguel Tejada. This was when the A's had to strictly adhere to a low payroll like a NFL team deals with a hard salary cap. Now the A's have flexibility. I know the A's aren't going to turn into a high payroll team but when the right guy comes around, the money will be spent.

Kotsay is a stud and his defense is something special. Thanks for the three run jimmy jack and here's to three more years with the Green and Gold.

OK, Beane has locked up a 29 year old center fielder who is among the best in the league for three years at seven-plus million a year. Not bad. I wonder what his trades are going to look like this season.


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