Thursday, July 07, 2005

Insomnia: My prayers go out to London.

Sorry guys, the London thing's really got me bothered. It looks really bad and I do pray for those affect over there. Although the authorities are being smart and not jumping to conclusions, I however will venture to guess this isn't an accident or the IRA, but Al Qaeda.

This attack has shut down London's Financial District and Europen Stock Markets are currently tumbling. Isn't it Al Qaeda's MO to try to disrupt the economy of the West? The World Trade Center was target because of that, and a similar economic effect is happening in Europe and will probably hit our shores as soon as our markets open in a few hours.

Think of the coordination and the scale of the attacks of the attacks. Seven-plus explosions on both the Underground and bus systems in morning rush hour. I never heard of IRA attacks that have coordinated multiple bombings intended to do economic harm in addition to the chaos and destruction that a terrorist attack creates.

When will it be us again? I fear the Iraq quagmire is bogging down our resources instead of American forces sweeping Afghanistan and strengthening our Homeland defense. Airports and other high profile targert are more secure, but what about the more mundane things, like buses and trains? How is this reconciled with budget cuts in almost every major transit agancy?

Again, my prayers go out to those in London.

UPDATE 3:37 AM: Despite the British accents, the feed from Sky News I hear on KCBS feels eerily similar to the broadcasts that took over our airwaves after 9/11. I need sleep.


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