Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dontrelle-Mania and Hangovers

FLA 5, SF 8

Hey, isn't this an A's blog?

Yes, but this is also my blog, since I'm a Dontrelle fan, I'll write a little something about the D-train. You can't help but write about Dontrelle when he's back in the Bay Area.

Why am I a Dontrelle fan? Two years ago, when Dontrelle was first called up to the bigs I was working for the Rec Department in Alameda, his hometown. Among my coworkers was one of his neighbors, the same neighbors who played strikeout with Dontrelle when he was a kid. When Dontrelle-mania swept through Alameda, I got swept up too. Dontrelle Willis is probably the only major leaguer who is very close to my age, he's about a week and a half older than me.

As an A's fan you have to at least respect Dontrelle, he grew up in the cheap seats of the Coliseum. His mom even helped build Mt. Davis, although that's not really a good thing.

Anyways, Opening Night was good to me, however it wasn't so good to Dontrelle. Dontrelle always starts the season hot and then hits a metaphorical wall at around the All Star Break. His last few starts have been less than stellar and his start in San Francisco was pretty much the same. He never seems to pitch well at SBC, perhaps this is because his mom and the whole Alameda crew is out to support him. Home jitters?

I wish the best for Dontrelle and hopes he rights himself and makes a strong big for the NL Cy Young this year.

After the show I was drinking in Alameda. There were no Dontrelle sightings on the Island.


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