Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Battle for Second Place: DAY 4

TEX 4, OAK 5 14 innings

I'll be honest with you. I wasn't really paying attention to the game. I was finishing up some work on my sound design for Romeo and Juliet at Cal State Hayward East Bay. For the last four hours I have been setting levels and troubleshooting at the theatre.

I'll post something about my upcoming events soon, I promise.

Thankfully I have my trusty computer in the booth and cable TV in the electric shop. However, MLB gameday was not so trusty. Towards the end of my time I was writing up the cue sheet and proceedure list that I was relying on Gameday for my updates on the game, which went into extra innings. Gameday froze at the middle of the fourteenth and I didn't know Kielty won it in a walk off until way after the fact.

I remember the beginning of the season where Kielty started off with a long o-fer streak. Many of us in A's fandom were ready to crucify him, especially when you put in his lack of production from last season. I can say that this guy has redeemed himself. His average is at .285 and is seemingly an integral part of the A's offense.

The new bullpen acquisitions have worked well today too. I think Joe Kennedy has finally gotten over the whole Coors Field thing, hopefully. He was a bit scary at times but he got the job done with three scoreless innings of relief and the win. Let see how this guy progresses.

Next up: Los Angeles de Los Angeles de Anaheim!

The A's are in prime position to close up gap hopefully claim second place.


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