Sunday, July 03, 2005

As it should be

CWS 2, OAK 7

I wasn't worried ablut last night's loss (CWS 5, OAK 3) for two reasons. One, I was pretty drunk last night at a friends Independence Day Party and by the time I sobered up, felt too lazy to update or post on this blog, sorry. Secondly, Friday night was the game the A's should have won anyways, Harden was on the mound. Saturday was the A's number five vs Garland, one of the better pitchers for the ChiSox and a so-called lock for the All Star Game. Today would be the true test of the state of the A's. Buehrle against Zito, who contrary to his record has been pretty hot as of late.

At first, I thought it was same old Zito, doing good except for a solo home run or two and getting pegged for a loss thanks to paltry run support. Before the offense broke out the A's were leaving base runners on like crazy.

The A's are either lucky or good. After taking a series from the winningest team in the American League, I think the A's are getting good. They are now one game under .500.


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