Friday, July 29, 2005

Arthur Rhodes haterism

Hot and fresh from this morning's Chronicle:
Rhodes reacts: Indians reliever Arthur Rhodes, who opened the 2004 season as the A's closer, but lost the job in June, was booed loudly when he entered Wednesday's game.

"Do you think I care what they think?" Rhodes told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "I came (to the A's) and struggled. But I went out there and did my job today. I know I can pitch."

Rhodes pumped his fist after completing a scoreless inning.

"Yes, I was pumped," Rhodes said. "These fans don't bother me. They're not like the fans in Cleveland, who appreciate the game. These fans don't know much about the game. They boo you one day and cheer you the next."
Hmm...I don't know much about the game says Rhodes. Let's take a look at your stats from last year...
Arthur Lee Rhodes, RP, OAK
W-L: 3-3 ERA: 5.12 Opp.: 14 SV: 9
Rhodes lost the closer job in early to mid-June. In roughly two and a half months Rhodes blew five saves. How many games did Oakland miss the playoffs by last year? One game.

Mr. Rhodes, if you performed as advertised, the A's wouldn't have missed the playoffs, you would still be closing in Oakland and we wouldn't boo you. We boo you because we know the game and after an asinine comment like that, I've lose even more respect for you.

Arthur Rhodes was ineffective, he hated on Oakland fans even during his tenure in Oakland, and was not an ideal clubhouse type. I was not sad to see him go.


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