Sunday, June 05, 2005

There is an "O" in Oakland

TOR 4, OAK 12

Before I go any further, I would like to say that as of right now, Mark Mulder and Danny Haren have identical ERAs at 4.17. To all those who said we should have kept Mulder and Hudson I'd like to respond with this; pitchers can't get W's when they don't get run support, nobody was getting run suppor in the month of May with the exception of Keiichi Yabu. With Calero back in the 'pen the Mulder trade looks better by the day. The Hudson trade on the other can't win 'em all the time.

The ball sure gets lively in those day games. The bats came alive in the early innings and the A's never looked back. Chavez homered again, his bat is really warming up. Also, Scutaro missed the cycle by a triple.

Everythings coming together, the coming roadtrip isn't going to be easy, but the A's finally have some confidence behind them. It's time to end their road funk.


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