Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Summer has arrived

SEA 2, OAK 6

Yes, summer has finally arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area. It actually felt hot today and justified the wearing of shorts, and flip-flops. Earlier in the season I was wearing shorts and flip-flops out of defiance saying to myself, "It's summer dammit, and I'm going to dress like it's summer."

Just as a red wine goes with a steak and a nice Riesling goes with Pork Chops (trust me on this), baseball is the perfect thing to go with a summer day. As the horrid month of May gave way to a glorious (that's how you spell it, Blez) June a certain quote from Shakespeare come to mind:
"Now is the winter of our discontent
made glorious summer by this sun of York

-William Shakespeare, Richard III
The winter that was our discontent in May has been turned into glorious summer by this recent streak good exciting baseball by the A's. The A's are curently in their longest win streak of the season at six games and with today's victory over the Mariners, have now won eight of their last nine series. The A's are also three games below .500. There was a time when I thought the A's would never come close to .500.

The bats are alive, the extra base hitting is happening, the pitching is on, that is way the A's are winning. I mean the A's have hit three doubles tonight.

Let's go for the sweep.

LAA 6, TEX 7 11 innings

The A's have gained a game against the Angels but are still 2.5 games behind the Rangers. Still pondering who I should "root" for, but after tomorrow, it would be too late.


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