Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Smell of Marinade

SF 3, OAK 4

I will be tailgating before the game tomorrow, I think I'm going to get pretty drunk. I have bought beer, hot links and flank steak. The scent of the flank steak marinade still lingers on my hands and soon I will go to bed.

So this is another warning, I'm probably going to be too drunk to blog about tomorrow's game. We'll see what happens.

Today I "watched" the game on my laptop via gameday. I was working at the Theatre at Cal State, it was a dance event. These dance events are unique it combines art with athletics. The art part is the dance, the athletic part is the chatter ranging from "Pop it Girl!" to a drunken father's "Go Haley! Shake what your mother gave you!" And believe me, all quotes are taken verbatim.

I could say I was distracted by the game, especially in the later innings when the Giants closed up the lead. My eyes darted between Gameday, the game thread on Athletics Nation and the show. I can honestly say that I only messed up a cue or two. Not bad. And the show was pretty good to, the dance company that visited Cal State was a good one this time.

The game was all in all exciting, if at times frustrating. For a while, during the seventh inning I thought this was going to be Wednesday Redux, I was thinkfully wrong. The A's won despite having atrocious LOB number, but I can't bitch too much, the A's won, and it was against the Giants.

The overall series is now tied.


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