Saturday, June 18, 2005

Shadows and Sunlight

PHI 1, OAK 2

As I got to my seat just minutes before first pitch most of the Coliseum was in shadow, the sun was obscured by remnants of rain clouds from last night (What is up the rain? It's June!). Jimmy Rollins ripped the second pitch for a solo home run. Then the sun came out.

How about Kirk Saarloos, 6.1 innings of one run ball. And how about Ricardo Rincon, a man that I have often derided as a LOOGY pitching two full innings of scoreless relief. I am sorry for all the bad things I've ever said about you, Ricardo. How about the defense, Mark Kotsay is a stud.

The Duke came in to shut the door on the game in which yours truly and 20,331 other people attended. All throughout the eighth inning I saw Duke warming up in the bullpen and I said, "Where's Huston?" It appears that Street was hurt during pregame warmups. I hope the best for Huston and hope it's just one of those things that require rest, I think Duke will do OK as the backup (of the backup) closer.

All the offense the Phillies could muster was a leadoff home run by East Bay native Jimmy Rollins from Encinal High School in Alameda (he's in my fantasy team!). The A's were outhit by the Phils, but at least they executed in RISP situations.

Jason Kendall's defense still scares me, he couldn't throw out a guy at third with a left handed batter in the box, what gives? And he's not even hitting as advertised, he just keeps on hitting weak-ass infield singles. I guess the A's are paying him $10 million this year to call games, at least he's doing a good job with that. I sure hope this guy warms up like Kotsay did last year.

One more note. I woke up at 11:00 AM this morning for a 12:15 PM start. I got to my seat by the final few notes of the national anthem and still got one of the giveaway hats.

Not a bad hat, I must say.

UPDATE 4:23 PM: OK according to Ken Macha, Huston Street pulled his hamstring. I hope no DL time is involved with this. First Dotel gets Tommy John Surgery and now this, what did the A's do to piss off the closer gods? Was it the Arthur Rhodes thing? If Duke's going to be the temporary closer than I'm picking him up.


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