Thursday, June 09, 2005

Rumor Mongering

According to the folks over at EiO, it appears that
Matt Watson has been called up to the big club
and is en route to Washington, DC. The A's have yet to make any kind of a release to confirm this but have they ever been wrong about callups? Especially Matt Watson callups?

OK, Watson's going to rejoin the A's, who already have a plethora of outfielders, but who's spot is Watson taking? Possibilities abound:
  • Kotsay's back is more screwed up than we are led to believe. Let's face it, he's been a big o-fer since he's missed those games with the back spasms. DL time?
  • Charles Thomas (aka Two Buck Chuck, Chucky T., Chuck T., etc...) is sent down to AAA to get regular playing time. Which is not a bad idea since I believe he's suffering from Kielty's Disease; an inability to find their "offensive groove" due to lack of ABs, since their offense sucks, they aren't given AB's, a real Catch-22.
  • Ryan Glynn is sent down. This "Fifth Starter by committee/whoever we can call up from AAA" is not working too well, the pitching rotation sure misses Rich Harden.
  • Or...a trade is brewing.
In the offseason there was a virtual crapload of Byrnes trade rumors, mostly Byrnes for Mike Cameron from the Mets. I hated those rumors, not because I enjoy seeing Byrnes'...eccentricities on field, good or bad, but Cameron was (and still is) too expensive, too old and too injury prone.

Peter Gammons (I can't find the link, sorry) wrote that the A's were interested in Joe Kennedy of the Rockies a week ago. In fact, some have reported that the Rockies have sent a few scouts to see the AAA Rivercats. I sincerely believe Kennedy would be a good pickup, this guy had a 3.something ERA at Coors Field last year.

Byrnes and Kennedy both make the same at $2.2 million this year. Kennedy's next start is slated to be early next week. Is it a perfect storm? Is it pull the trigger time for Billy Beane?

Interesting times for A's fandom.


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