Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Off to church...

OAK 2, WAS 7 TOP 8

I'm off to church for my choir rehearsal (I have to make money), which means I can't see the conclusion of this game.

It doesn't matter though because boring A's baseball is back and they're probably going to lose.

At least it's not like the bad old days of May while during those eight game losing streaks the A's showed a total inabilty to score runs.

The A's, thankfully, aren't like that anymore. You see, they can score long at it's in the first inning. Scoring runs in any other inning seems like a foreign concept to them right now.

More musings when I come back from church...

Oh yeah, it's raining today. It's June and it's raining, the weather report says it was snowing in Tahoe. What is up with this weather? It should rain in Northern Californa right now. We're supposed to be in the California Dry Season right now. And why do they call it global warming when I swear our summers are getting colder?


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