Monday, June 06, 2005

Off day musing: Finals Stress Management

Finals week is upon me.

This is an assessment of my place in life right now.

When this quarter is over. I will have three GE classes and the rest of my Piano Profiencency left. I will also audit several graduate musicology seminars.

I need to look for GRE test prep this summer, or at least self prep with a good program. I also need to call the Music Departments at the following schools; Stanford, Cal, SF State and San Jose State and get information regarding their graduate programs.

I'm excited, I really do believe I might be able to get into Cal or Stanford. Cal would be nice so I could BART to school every day and get an extra half hour of sleep since I wouldn't be driving to Berkeley. Also, Cal Football and it's the school that many in my family has attended, I guess I'm from a Cal family. Stanford has it's plusses too, better weather on campus (compared to Cal), the Sunken Diamond and great baseball. Oh yeah, the academics and the research facilities (especially old music manuscripts) at both institutions are top notch.

I'm glad I decided to blog the A's. Since the inception of this blog I genuinely feel that my writing skills have improved, and it has reflected in my research papers that I write for my classes. In those papers I obviously write in a different style, but words flow much easier onto the page nowadays.

I can say that when I started doing this, I was kinda copycating posts on other blogs. Now I can honestly say that content here is more original now. As the A's season progressed I guess I settled into a good routine. This is a happy place for me.

I must go to bed now, I have another final in approximately nine hours.


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