Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just when I thought things were going good...

Another reason why I read blogs. Just check this out:
Barry Bonds and Oakland's Big Three aren't the only things missing at the Bay Area's baseball stadiums this summer. The pennant races that have provided excitement for nearly a decade seem like a long shot right now for both the Athletics and Giants.

So far, it's been a bummer summer by the Bay. The 49ers aren't even playing and they've been making headlines for their now infamous training video. It's those perennial losers the Golden State Warriors — gasp! — who many area sports fans are turning their attention to now.

"I don't blame the fans for being disappointed," A's outfielder Eric Byrnes said. "I don't think anybody expected us to have the record we do at this point of the season."

The Giants were swept and completely embarrassed by Oakland over the weekend, including Sunday's 16-0 loss on the heels of their five-error game Saturday. And while the A's are on a roll, they're still 10 1/2 games back in the AL West and five games under .500....

(emphasis, mine)

-"Bay Area Baseball Fans Getting Impatient" by Janie McCauley, AP
Although I do consider myself a nice guy and a gentleman and try my absolute best to be nice to those of the opposite sex, I can't help but to say, "You're an idiot Janie!"

First of all the A's and Giants have not enjoyed playoff appearances for the last decade. Ten years ago, they weren't even contenders, they sucked. The Giants got good (as in become a playoff contender) again at about '97 and the A's returned to respectability in '99 or 2000. One also forgets to note that both teams failed to make the playoffs last year.

Secondly, yes, the A's are still 11 games behind the Angels but A's fans are in no way "impatient" as the title of the column implies. Just look around the A's blogosphere on my sidebar, we are all, for the most part, happy and content. Giants fans on the other hand..Well, let's not talk about them. Yes, this team is probably not going to the playoffs (despite what a few overzealous fans might say on Athletics Nation), but the A's are a fun and exciting team to watch again. Also, a great deal of us A's fans know that 2006 will be a better year, Giants fans on the other hand...

"Miss the Big Three?" Not really, considering that Danny Haren, one of the guys we got from the Mulder trade is actually doing better than Mulder and Hudson's on the DL again. The A's starting rotation is solid, even if the rookies have a bad outing every once in awhile. If Oakland still had the Big Three, the record would not be adversely affected. The A's would still suck.

Please, get your facts straight. If you're writing something about the fans, why don't you interview a few? I thing I can say is us A's fans are not impatient with this team. We're not like a bunch of asshole Yankee fans where it's always "Championship or Nothing."

Nothing gets me more riled up than horrible reporting and ignorant, half-baked opinions. If I only knew that the standards were so low, I would have gone into journalism.


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