Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Insomnia: Blog Makeover

OK... I've redone the color scheme on the sidebar. The green bullet point was replaced with a smaller, different one that I got off of a similar blogger template, I like to thank Surviving Grady, not that anybody from that blog helped me, but looking at their blogger template helped me out a lot.

The underlines in the sidebar have been tweaked. I like the green on "goldenrod" although it's not the exact A's colors, the overall effect does harken back to the 1970's dynasty, not that I was alive for that.

I've removed some superfluous A's graphics (it really didn't serve a purpose), all I need is one on the header, and that is more than enough. There's a unity between all of the colors on the site now; between the posts, sidebar, header, footer and the graphic on the header. It's also less cluttered. It's very aesthetically pleasing, at least I think so.

Although I am using a blogger template for this site, it's evolving to something more than just a cookie cutter template.

This probably marks the end of my alterations to this blog. I can't change things much more. I tried to change the background color but that wasn't a good idea because the rounded corners of the boxes are actually .GIFs of rounded corners of actual backgorund color. If I changed the background, then the corners would be ugly, it'd look like broken HTML.

If any thing is changed from here on out, it's going to be a very minor tweak. I doubt I'll do much changing, I'm satisfied with my work.

Again, please let me know of any readability problems and enjoy this site.


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