Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How sweep it is

TB 2, OAK 11

Finally the A's look like the A's and the D-Rays look like the D-Rays. And the A's are on the happy side of a sweep. In the last two games the A's have scored a total of twenty one runs. In the seven games before that they only scored twenty two runs. Just think about it.

The A's had a certain energy since that extra innings win and even though the Coliseum crowd was pretty small tonight you could hear them loud and clear on the radio. This baseball wasn't the boring baseball of late. This was exciting and fun baseball, it was fun for the players and it sure was fun for us fans.

Barry Zito finally got some run support and got a win.

I'm also glad to see that this time it's the other team that had nine hits and only two runs to show for it.
Team LOB: 8 (TB), 5 (OAK)
I know, it's only the D-Rays and Toronto, a much tougher team is coming in soon. But you know what, the A's needed these wins and I do believe that momentum is on our side. The A's are having fun again.


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