Sunday, June 26, 2005

Giants Suck

SF 0, OAK 16

First, a haiku:

Your SF Giants
seem to play sub-par baseball
without Barry Bonds

And what sub-par baseball it was, the Giants got swept out of Oakland in a record setting (or tying) day for the A’s. Today the A’s won with the biggest shutout margin, ever. The eight doubles hit today tied another franchise record. Rich Harden pitched seven innings of one-hit shutout ball and Jason Kendall was tearing it up like it was his birthday, oh wait, it was his birthday. Kendall went three for three with a walk and three RBI. Kendall is slowly become what he we expected all along, a catcher who could handle a staff with a slightly sub-par arm who can get on base like a fiend.

A month ago, the A's were in a deep funk and the Giants were doing all right considering their injury situation. O, how the fortunes have changed since the A's and the Giants last met.

I stopped really watching the game at around the seventh inning. It's fun to see the A's blow somebody out like this, I haven't seen something like that in a long time. The Giants got emasculated today and left town with their tail between their legs. The bragging rights belong to this side of the bay and the A's are up in the overall series by two games. The A's are slowly inching their way from the cellar.

It's a good day to be an A's fan, and a really sucky day to be a Giants fan.


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