Thursday, June 02, 2005


Dotel is going to have Tommy John surgery anyways, against the recommendation of two doctors. He'll be out for at least the rest of the year.

Wow, what a news day for the A's.

Now the A's will have no return in their investment in Dotel. They can't use him and they sure as hell can't trade him now. But here's the good news:
Dotel hopes to be back in a game by the middle of next season, and he hopes it's with the A's. He feels he owes them something to earn his money — even if his salary is lower and he has to be the setup man for rookie Huston Street, the new closer.

"Hey, if I've got to play for free, I'll do that," he said.
He knows he's taking a big risk he also knows that not may teams will sign him in the offseason. If Street progresses the way we expect him to, having Dotel to be the setup man would be awesome.

It's Huston Street's show, now. The Street Era has begun.


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