Wednesday, June 15, 2005


NYM 2, OAK 3

Clutch: With two on, two out, in the bottom of the ninth Marco Scutaro hits a game winning RBI single to drive in Bobby Kielty. No extra innings needed. The A's have now won three in a row and are poised to sweep the Mets tomorrow.

Unclutch: The Angels lose to the Nationals 1-0 while leaving the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth. Angels fans are pissed.

It's good to see a team that's not the A's have RISP disease. It's also good to see two very strong outings from the highly touted rookies of the A's starting rotation. The A's have been playing with a new energy since Crosby's return from the DL, it's as if the season started in late May. Consider the corner turned.

The rational part of me knows that the playoffs are mostly out of the question. But the dreamer says, "Remember the 2003 Marlins, anything can happen." The dreamer in me is also ecstatic that the gap between first place and last place in the AL West is back in the single digits.

Despite the A's being in the AL West cellar. I'm a happy man.


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