Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Battle for Third Place: DAY 2

OAK 4, SEA 2

Wow...it's like as if Harden never left the A's. If it wasn't for the fact the he was pulled after pitching five innings of one-run ball. Harden will probably be kept on a short leash to ease him back to the big leagues.

But the big story around the MLB tonight is how bad the Deil Rays are. It takes a special team to cough up a huge lead and then some. I mean special as in short-bus special.

I was in Alameda earlier in the day and saw the beginning of the Yanks-DRays game at Scobies, it was Taco Tuesday and those dollar tacos are pretty good. I casually looked at the game and saw this:

TB 10, NYY 2 BOT 4

Hours later during a rehearsal where I kept my laptop on the internet on MLB Gameday gamecast of the A's/Mariners game. God bless college productions, ethernet drops in every rehearsal room because they double as classrooms. I happened to catch the the final score from the Yanks/DRays game.


Holy Crap, a thirteen run eighth inning? I mean how bad can you possibly be when you cough up an eight run lead and end up eight runs behind?

It harkens back to the old saying that good teams will find a way to win while bad teams will find a way to lose. Granted, this Tampa Bay team has bested the A's in the season series. But the A's are a different creature now and even when the A's sucked they would never suck like the DRays did today.


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