Monday, June 20, 2005

The Battle for Third Place: DAY 1

OAK 6, SEA 2

In wondrously horrible month of May (Im wundersam schrecklichen Monat Mai) anything that could go wrong for the A's, did. I'm not saying that everything is breaking in the A's favor but I am very content with this baseball team right now. Both Swisher and Kotsay came out of hitting funks today with home runs. Kendall is getting on base like a fiend, his OBP was crazy today as he was 2 for 3 with 2 walks.

Swish made a sick defensive play robbing Jeremy Reed of a home run.

And what about Haren, another strong start. With each and every start it becomes clearer that this man is the "Rich Harden" of St. Louis organization last year. Again, the Mulder trade is looking good.

And speaking of Rich Harden, this guy is coming off the DL and is starting a game for the A's tomorrow against Joel Piniero. This is earlier than I was expecting. I was thinking he'd be back by Thursday but, this is a very pleasant surprise.

With Third Place at stake, the A's are heating up, and it's about time.


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