Sunday, May 22, 2005

Where have I seen this before?

OAK 1, SF 3

OK, the A's fail to take advantage of favorable situations early in the game to drive in some runs.

Inability to start or maintain a rally.

Not really an inability to hit, but an inability to hit with runners in scoring position.

Old and mediocre pitchers suddenly "find their stuff" when they're facing the A's.

Another good pitching performance by Zito wasted. Zito did do well today, throwing many first pitch strikes. Just that obligatory HR late in the game.

Another "hard-luck" loss.
Team LOB: 6
Really, where have I seen this before? And I thought the A's were "righting their ship." I guess I thought wrong.

Cros, Swish, I pray for a speedy recovery, I think the A's really need you guys right now.

The A's are back in sole possession of last place in the AL West.

Well look on the bright side, Family Guy in 54 minutes.

UPDATE (9:32 PM 5/22/05): No Family Guy on FOX tonight, just Star Wars Episode II, like I need to see that movie again. Now I'm pissed.


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