Monday, May 16, 2005

The Strife is O'er

BOS 4, OAK 6

And thus ends the losing streak, and it feels so good. I'm hoping that Chavez is now over his funk by going 3 for 3 tonight. There was timely situational hitting. Runners were driven in from scoring position. Dotel didn't blow a save. And most importantly, this injury plagued linuep (Kielty, our hottest hitter as of late was out with sore ribs) won against the defending World Series Champs.

The pitchers, both Saarloos and Yabu got into jams but they managed to get out of it without too much damage, the Red Sox left the bases loadd twice. It's comforting when it's the other team messes up.
Team LOB: BOS 13, OAK 6
It's also comforting to see a higher LOB number for the other team. The A's beat the Red Sox and not a moment too soon. I can sleep well tonight, as soon as I finish writing a paper that's due on Wednesday so I can go to the game tomorrow night.

The A's looked like a different team tonight, that's a good thing.

Oh yeah, this was a real win, not a fluky one.


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