Saturday, May 07, 2005


OAK 0, NYY 5

After the Yankees beat themselves last night, they decided to beat the A's today.

The Moose was loose, and there is another reason to hate the Stanford Cardinal.

RISP is killing us.

Positives: The pitching, Blanton settles down and was excellent for the last few innings of his outing. I think today was one of those experinces that will help him grow as a major league pitcher.

Huston Street, 'nuff said.

Negatives: The offense, we get shut out again we can't win games unless we score runs.

The rumor mill was on full tilt a few days ago, I know Beane's looking for a bat that will wake this wrteched offense up, I just don't take stock in any rumors until the trade actually happens. Remember Jose Guillen? For weeks we heard a bunch of rumors for a trade to get Brian Giles and then at the deadline we got a trade for one of the hottest hitters in the NL that year, Guillen.

Patience is a virtue, especially in baseball, it's a long season folks.

UPDATE [5/7/05 2:44 PM]: Blez over at Athletics Nation has a great post regarding the A's offensive woes. It comes down to our hideous slugging percentage. The A's have too many slap hitters and not enough power. I tend to agree with him.


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