Monday, May 30, 2005


TB 4, OAK 5 11 innings

Patience, it's a virtue, isn't it?

For those attending the game to see the fireworks one had to exercise patience, for the game went into extra frames. I really wanted to be there at the Coliseum but I was at school, working. I had to exercise patience too, most of the time I was at work I was just sitting on my ass, which wasn't a bad thing since this downtime allowed me to watch a good two-thirds of the A's game on TV and write two papers due on Wednesday.

My job at the theatre at Cal State can broken down into two different kinds of moments; moments where I get paid (i.e. sit on my ass) and moments where I earn my money (where work my ass off). I was paid for most of the day, but I did put in some work.

I had the option to leave early, but I felt it would not be proper for me to leave. I wanted to leave because I was a little concerned with some of my schoolwork. But I again I was patient and waited for everybody with KBLX to leave. As I was locking up, I was tipped $50 by one of the guys in charge. If I left early I wouldn't have gotten that fifty bucks. So in the end I:
  • finished my schoolwork for Wednesday so I can...
  • get drunk on Tuesday night with...
  • the fifty dollar tip buying my beers so it won't even make a dent into...
  • the ($10.80 x 13.5 - tax) I made working the event
As an A's fan I have been patient over this eight game losing streak and the patience has finally paid off. I saw Kotsay's catch in the eight and for the first time in this season (that I could recall) I said to myself, "OK, this is a momentum shifter, the A's are going pull this one out."

And they did.

The baseball the A's played tonight was not boring for a change. Let's hope they don't regress back into the suckage. Perhaps the A's clubhouse missed Crosby's presence since he has just been activated from DL. Or not.


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