Sunday, May 22, 2005

OT: Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side of the Force

It appears the Darth Vader is up to no good, this time on the Planet Earth.

Darth Vader robs Illinois theater
(Springfield, Illinois-NBC) May 22, 2005 - It appears Darth Vader delivered an unwelcome show of force at an Illinois movie theater this weekend.

Police in Springfield, Illinois say a man wearing a Darth Vader mask walked into a movie theater, shoved an employee out of the way and grabbed a bunch of cash.
Wow. Let's see what else happened.
Investigators say the robber didn't display any weapons- not even a light saber.
Of course Darth Vader doesn't need any weapons. He only needs the lightsaber to fight Jedi. Ordinary humans cannot withstand his Force powers, like blocking blaster bolts with his hands and that choke thing.


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