Wednesday, May 11, 2005


OAK 2, BOS 3

(NOTE: I actually wrote this last night almost imediately after the game, but alas, Blogger was down.)

The A's almost won this one if it wasn't for a two run shot by Kevin Mil-LAAH in the bottom of the ninth.

Let's hope the A's salvage a win tomorrow and avoid the sweep. "Remember the 2003 Marlins" has become my mantra as of late. A shakeup made the Marlins' Miracle Season possible, that and Dontrelle Willis. The A's need a shakeup; tade some players, send some people down to Sac, fire somebody in the coaching staff (except for Ron Washington), anything.

OK, let's end this malaise. The A's need a win, any win, and I don't mean me playing MVP 2005 on my PS2.


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