Saturday, May 21, 2005


Last night was good. I performed the hell out of my program and afterward I was drinking Spaten at my truck with a few friends listening to the rest of the A's/Giants matchup. You absolutely have to drink German beer after singing a landmark German song cycle. Didn't miss any of the good moments of the game, like Ginter's bomb. I guess that the RH pop the A's got in the offseason.

Here's a lesson for all. After drinking a fine German beer do NOT drink Budweiser, even when given to you for free. After drinking sweet Spaten, the Budweiser tasted worse than normal, and it already tastes pretty bad. My tastebuds were ruined.

Good to see the A's win, even if I only heard it on the radio. The Giants are the best team for these A's to right themselves.


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