Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Holy Crap!

BOS 6, OAK 13

I walked out of one of my classes today and decided to check out the game on my cell phone. By the time the phone loaded the score it said:
BOS 0, OAK 9 Top 3
I was pleasatly surprised, to say the least. A few highlights from the box score:
Byrnes: 4 for 5 (I think he's redeemed himself from last night)
Durazo: 2 for 3
Chavez: 1 for 5 but with a three run jimmy jack
Team hit total: 19
Where have you guys been hiding all season?

It's no secret that the A's are devastated by injuries so far this season, not only do the A's have five players on the DL (Bradford, Crosby, Calero, Harden and Swisher) but also a key injury in AAA, Dan Meyer. Also among the "walking wounded" are key parts to the A's bullpen in Duchsherer and Dotel.

The news on Dotel isn't too positive, he's going down to LA to have his elbow examined by Dr. Lewis Yocum. This is the same elbow that bothered him last season and limited his effectiveness. I had a nagging feeling that something was up when a news report quoted an A's player stating that Dotel threw only "three sliders" for the entire season so far. Let's hope it's nothing too serious, but it doesn't bode well Dotel that something is so serious that you need to be checked by the best elbow specialist in the business. Let's hope things turn out OK.

So this depleted A's roster not only beat the defending World Series Champs, the Boston Red Sox, they spanked them. And the A's won the series.

And now begins a three game "away" series in San Francisco. Yes, interleague is upon us. It's time to right the ship, gentlemen.

UPDATE [5/18/05 11:56 PM]: Kudos to the people at SFGate, the SF Chronicle website. Their name for the article about the A's big win against the Sox: Revenge of the Seth


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