Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

OAK 4, TB 5

The Good: Nine hits this game, I guess the bats are coming alive.

The Bad: The A's lose.

The Ugly: Have you seen the manner in which the A's lost today? How many runners were left on base?
Team LOB: 10
The bases were left full yet again. This stopped being funny at least two weeks ago.

The top of the ninth killed me. The A's had two on due to fielding errors with no outs. Then Baez retired the side in order for the save. The D-Rays handed the A's a chance to win and again this A's team squandered it.

Yet another "hard-luck" loss.

The A's didn't deserve to win today, and unless they don't start hitting in key situations, and they were plenty of them, then they don't deserve to win, period.


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