Tuesday, May 03, 2005

God is not on our side

TEX 6, OAK 1

I joked before the game that since the radio station the carries the A's in the Bay Area changed it's format to some kind Christian station (I mean not Christian rock, but straight up church hymns), maybe God would be on our side. But I guess this is what I get for doing something really foolish, bringing God into baseball.

The A's don't have a problem hitting, they have a problem scoring runs. You know the offense on this team sucks when the team is down by three in the sixth and the vast majority of fans think, Oh crap, we're finished, GAME OVER. This is so pathetic, you'll get a laugh out of this:
Team LOB: 11
We outhit the Rangers, but we somehow managed to lose by five. The A's left the bases loaded twice without scoring any runs. I mean, when you throw away opportunities, you don't deserve to win, no matter how good everything else is. Our pitching is good, Saarloos, our #5 had a no-no going into the fifth, until it was jinxed by some people over at AN.

I'm tired of this, in which so many scoring opportunites are squandered. And here's a little note to Eric Byrnes. Lay off the "greenies" and don't try to hit every pitch thrown at you out of the park, those hacks are ugly and it's resulting in a whole lot of popups.

Well, on the plus side we have an excuse of being an "injury plagued team" right now. Let's win tomorrow and end this homestand on an upbeat before we go to New York and face the Yankees who suck even worse than we do, and that's actually a proven fact this season.


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