Sunday, May 22, 2005

Gas Prices

I remember when I was a senior in high school, six years ago, gas was around $1.05 a gallon. Every once in awhile there'd be a gas station in where there was a one time $.99/gallon promotion. Then all of a sudden gas jumped up to $1.40 and we all bitched that it was a ripoff. Today I pay $2.40 a gallon. It really affects my driving habits and controls what kind of gigs I can do. As a young musician, I should "pay my dues" and do as many gigs as possible, paid or not. But now, due to the price of gas, I now have limitations on dirving distance to free gigs.

I'll do any gig, paid or free as long as it's no more than 20 miles away from my home, no farther than Oakland. If it's any farther I just can't afford the drive and I must be paid. I don't want to appear as somebody who's "too big for my britches" but due to the ugly economic realities I can't afford those gigs.

Oh how I wish gas was back ar $1.40 a gallon and hoe foolish I was in my youth for thinking that $1.40 was expensive.


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