Thursday, May 12, 2005


By DJ I mean Dan Johnson, the First Baseman of the Sacramento River Cats. It'd be great to have DJ up in Oakland because he was hot during spring training. But alas, the A's already has people firmly entrenched in 1B and DH in Scott Hatteberg and Erubiel Durazo so he was sent down to AAA before the season started. In Sac he's also been on fire (Monday 4 RBI, Tuesday a Grand Slam), a guy like that could prossible bring some of our bats to life in Oakland but by the looks of things, a callup for DJ doesn't seem likely in the near future.
"We have some guys (in the minors) who are starting to hit well, but they're also in positions where we have guys who've been a major part of our club,'' Beane said. "We've got to keep perspective. The guys who are struggling do have a track record. I was talking to (manager Ken) Macha and we're not ready to do something irreversible.''

Such as, say, trade Durazo or Hatteberg, something that has been speculated might happen by midseason, or perhaps outfielder Eric Byrnes, a near-constant rumor since December and one likely to pick up speed again with a rash of recent outfield injuries around baseball.

Asked if he was contemplating a trade to shake things up, Beane said, "Not at this point.'' He also said it would be unfair to apportion blame to either hitting coach Dave Hudgens or manager Ken Macha.

-Susan Slusser, SF Chronicle 5/12/05
How long does DJ have to suffer in AAA purgatory? Will there be a callup tomrrow and if so, who will it be? Is Beane trying to put up a strong front so he would look like he's dealing from a position of strength?

Only time would tell. I'm glad I read this because Beane clearly stated the problems facing the A's right now, not enough offense. I know people were ready to crucify (or at least demote him to being a setup man) Dotel yesterday for allowing another walk-off but we all have to remember the Dotel isn't an elite closer. He's a good closer, that's all. If you trot this guy out with a one run lead in the ninth day in and day out you will be disappointed from time to time, like now. The long ball is killing him, just like when he just get traded from Houston last year.

This team needs to start hitting, like now.

Remember the 2003 Marlins, anything can happen.


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