Thursday, May 26, 2005


OAK 1, TB 2

The A's got swept again, this time by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Let me repeat for all to see:

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays

I guess the A's don't feel very empowered right now. Yet again, they fail to drive in runs in key situations with runners in scoring position. Once again, Baez allows two runners on base and still the A's don't do anything with it. This sucks, instead of writing about the game, I'll write about me.

I do feel empowered right now. I looked at my Transcript and feel that I can still make it to a good grad program. My cumulative GPA is 2.85, which is not good, but my major GPA is 3.31, which is good. I'm going to audit many grad classes at Cal State next year to master the art of writing a musicological research paper so I can build up a portfolio for submission to a master's program. If I work at the writing and do GRE test prep, I think I have a good shot, even to an excellent school, I know my letters of reccomendation will be top notch.

Due to family issues I can't leave the Bay Area, which means I will apply to the following schools, Cal, Stanford, SF State, San Jose State and as a backup, Cal State East Bay(Hayward). I'm going to set my sights for Cal and Stanford but anywhere but Cal State will do fine by me.

Imagine this, me going to grad school at Cal or Stanford. Despite the A's horrible suckage, I'm a very happy man right now.


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