Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bring out the brooms!

TEX 16, OAK 7

Oh wait, we're on the receiving end of a sweep. Well that isn't fun. And is this an A's score or an Raiders score, anyways. Bad weather, bad game.

So on the day the offense decided to score some runs, the pitching sucks. Just our luck.

And now we're off the face the Yankees. I hear they have one of the worst BAA in the league, let's hope they're the springboard for us as we were the springboard for them early in the season last year.

Is this from the flu that's been going around the A's clubhouse.

This is downright depressing. And do you know what makes it worse, this (registration required):
``He did it all,'' Eric Chavez said of Tejada before Tuesday's game. ``Even before he left, I said, `If we're going to keep one guy, he's the guy to keep.'

``He's durable, he plays hard, he hits in the middle of your lineup. He does everything you want a player to do, to build a team around. I honestly thought he was the guy they should've kept around.''

And not you Eric, the player the A's decided to give a six-year, $66 million deal a few months after Tejada left?

``I'm here,'' Chavez said, with a shrug that suggested that wasn't his point. ``But at the time, if I was the general manager, just being a baseball guy, that's the guy that I keep.''

-Tim Kawakami, San Jose Mercury 5/4/05
Straight from the horse's mouth. Chavez preferd if Tejada was the one who stayed with Oakland.

I can't believe he'd just out and say this. I believe he has a whole lot of potential in him that will remain unrealized because he does not want to step up to the next level. If you think you're the man, you're going to be the man. That's a philosophy I subcribe to not just in sports, but in life, especially in my life as a musician.

I work my ass off as a musician, and I believe in myself. I know that some day in the future I will make a living making music. When I have a setback, I work harder to overcome it. When I am placed in a new situation, I step up. In La Traviata I stepped up and I grew as a musician taking a few steps toward the vaunted "next level." Eric Chavez has really offended me with those comments. He has all that God given talent that he's just pissing away right now.

Wake the hell up Chavvy and grow up!


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