Sunday, May 29, 2005

Be careful what you wish for...

Cleveland -- Octavio Dotel is worried enough about his sore right elbow that he has decided to seek a second opinion, the closer told The Chronicle on Saturday.

Dotel said he will travel to Birmingham, Ala., on Wednesday to see renowned arm specialist Dr. James Andrews.

"I'm glad that the (first) doctor (Lewis Yocum) said that I don't need surgery, but I think there has to be something more," Dotel said. "From the first game of the spring, bang, I felt it. When I brush my teeth, I can feel it.


Athletic trainer Larry Davis said Dotel's condition -- which has been diagnosed as tendon calcification -- is one that probably will give him trouble throughout his career because of the way he throws. In essence, Dotel will have to become accustomed to pitching with pain. Dotel, though, just wants to make doubly certain that surgery is not required.

-Susan Slusser, SF Chronicle 5/29/05
Hey, A's fans, remember when people were clamoring for Huston Street to become the full time closer in his rookie year? Well we may get that wish.

Some people say that at 21 Huston is just too young and inexperienced to be a closer in the Bigs. But at the the rate the A's are going, it doesn't seem like he's going to get many save opportunities anyways.


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