Thursday, May 05, 2005

Barry Bonds: The plot thickens...

Yes, more Barry Bonds haterism.

Some people have felt that it was awfully convienent for Bonds to be out rehabbing his knee while the steroid issue is getting a lot of press. Personally, I don't really care one way or the other but I think Hank Aaron's record is safe from Bonds. But guess what just came in from the SF Chronicle.

Bonds' doc on probation, was disciplined twice.

Disciplined twice? What for?
Dr. Arthur Ting, who performed all three surgeries on the Giants' star this year, was placed on probation by the Medical Board of California most recently for five years in April 2004 because of behavior that "constitutes unprofessional conduct."

In more than 30 pages of documents obtained by The Chronicle from the medical board, Ting is accused of repeated negligence, including prescribing "dangerous drugs and controlled substances to friends and acquaintances, particularly athletes, for whom he kept no medical records or for whom the medical records were fictitious, inadequate or inaccurate."

No athletes' names are mentioned in the documents.

Ting has twice had his license suspended, but in both cases the state medical board stayed the revocations and placed him on probation.
So, Bonds associates with a trainer who is implicated in a steroid distribution ring and now his doctor is revealed to have given "controlled substances" to athletes?

I believe that Barry Bonds is too smart a person not to know what the people who are associated with him are doing. I don't believe that "I didn't take steroids knowingly, it was arthritis cream," crap. I wonder how far this goes.


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