Sunday, May 15, 2005

Alcohol Abuse

Please, don't abuse alcohol. Especially by throwing a full beer at Jason Giambi. Yes I hate that sellout/'roid cheater as much as any other A's fan but the guy who threw that beer went way out of line.

Well, that idiot is in jail right now and he deserves it. Way to go Eric Anduri of Lafayette, you've suceeded in making us A's fans look like a bunch of uneducated thugs. Which is what many outside of the Bay Area already think of us as, thugs.

Enjoy your alcohol, A's fans. You can even enjoy copious amounts of alcohol, especially how things are shaping up this season. I know nothing takes away the sting of defeat quite like some scotch and I have ordered my share of scotch at the West Side Club. But don't do anything stupid when you're drunk at the game. I know, that may be a tall order, but remember, when you do boneheaded things like that, it affects more than just you. It also reflects on me and the rest of A's fandom.

Well, at least this isn't like the time some Raider fan shanked some guy in a Coliseum men's room.


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