Monday, April 18, 2005

A win? I'll take it!

OAK 8, TEX 5

It didn't have to be this way, but Dotel got his second save of the season in a scary bottom of the ninth when Juan Cruz just was ineffective, again. I don't blame Macha, since the bottom of the ninth with a 6 run lead is probably a pretty good place to let one of your strugling pitchers pitch but, he almost let the Rangers back in it. Billy Beane traded away Huddy and all we got is this lousy Juan Cruz. Yeah, I'm also aware the Chucky T also came from this trade but I like Chucky T (although he is still o-for the entire season).

Well I shouldn't be so down on him just yet. This is a game in Texas after all, but to some a guy seemingly do nothing but struggle is frustrating.

Also, is it me, or is Dotel throwing mostly fastballs? I have a funny feeling that he's going to have a tough outing in which is inability or refusal to throw breaking pitches will cost him. Is he fully healed from the elbow injury from last year? Well, anyways his velocity is back around low to mid 90's so I guess I shouldn't worry.

Anybody want some LOBster?
Team LOB: 13
Although we won resoundingly there were many inopportune outs with runners in scoring position in the early innings. But enough bitching, we won.

Haren, a little wild with five walks and allowing a very fluky earned run in the second pitched well. These rookies sure are handling the pressure well. Chavvy and Durazo's bats woke up today with Chavvy belting a tape measure homer (455 ft?) and Ruby going 3-for-4. Scutaro was o-for but drew three walks (last year's season total: 16) and had a few foul balls go homerun distance. And this from Marco "I don't hit for power" Scutaro, welcome to Texas indeed.

With Dotel pitching today and pitching 1.2 innings yesterday, I really wonder who's going to be available from the 'pen tomorrow. There's only one way to find out.



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