Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Wachet auf!

CWS 7, OAK 9

Wachet auf!-Sleepers awake! And awake they did, after twenty six consecutive scoreless innings the Oakland bats came alive with a four run fifth inning. I was good to see the A's drive in runers in scoring positions after seeing two double plays earlier in the game. Chavez finally came through when it was needed the most.

Now Harden didn't bring his A game tonight, but that's not cause for concern because you can't be lights out all the time and his ERA is 2.10. But again, it didn't matter because Mark Buehrle didn't bring his A game either.

After that big inning the ChiSox came back, but the offense did prove that the fifth inning was no fluke and scored additional runs in the seventh and eighth innings. It was good to see the A's get a few lucky breaks, especially after this long, seemingly endless streak of bad luck.

After being in the pits of despair, it was good to be at the Coliseum and be present to witness this crucial victory. I just wish the giveaway grabbers didn't take all of the fleece blankets before I showed up, but those people bought the ticket from the A's so the did make money from them but I just wish the real fans who stayed nine innings could get these things.

The BART ride home sure was fun.


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