Saturday, April 16, 2005

Small Ball Saves the Day

LAA 0, OAK 1 10 innings

An Angels blog billed this series as "Moneyball vs. Small Ball" but ironically a bunt that was intended to be a sacrifice ended up driving in the winning run.

Scutaro bunts, Shields bobbles it, makes a horrible throw to first which gets past Figgins (I still can't understand how C-H-O-N-E is pronounced "Shawn"), Swisher doesn't stop running and is waved home, the throw to home was a little bit wild and Swisher scores.

Yeah, the win was good but it didn't have to be that way. The A's missed a few opportunites to drive in runners from scoring position.
Team LOB: 8
I was really frustrated in the eighth with runners at the corners and two out and Chavez up and he just strikes out. Can a guy be any less clutch and more of a rally killer than that? Oh yeah, Hatteberg had a GIDP in the ninth. Also, why is Kielty in the 5-spot when he's 0-for the entire season?

The pitching was awesome. Harden threw eight shutout innings striking out eight and Calero did a fine job in relief getting the win. I just wish the hitters came through earlier and got Harden the win. Well, that two games in a row where the starters pitch a gem and didn't a get a win.

I'll be at the game tomorrow. Too late to get a Bobby Crosby bobblehead since I'm coming in from church but I'll be there.

Let's get a .500 homestand, shall we?


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